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Evangelista Worley, LLC

Evangelista Worley, LLC is made up of a team of seasoned litigators and problem-solvers dedicated to protecting consumers, investors, businesses and whistleblowers. Drawing on more than a combined century of diverse experience, our lawyers are known for providing skilled and assertive representation in complex, high-value contingency litigation.

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Respected By The Bar, The Bench And A Wide Range Of Clients

Our attorneys have partnered with clients worldwide, including international claimants and government entities, to find innovative solutions to complex disputes. Our efforts – and ensuing successes – have been recognized by our peers in law as well as judges throughout Georgia and the United States.

“You worked … like demons. You absolutely worked. And by working as hard as you worked, you got it. You got the settlement that I have to believe was a good settlement. … So I thought you did a fine job, and you came right up to the plate when it was necessary.”
– Honorable Charles R. Breyer addressing attorney James Evangelista
In Re: Providian Financial Corp.

Our lawyers demonstrate confidence in their capabilities when representing plaintiffs by putting their own skin in the game, working on a full or partial contingency basis. In doing so, they align their interests with our clients and only recover fees when they win. They operate efficiently and never profit from unnecessary work or protracted billable hours.

Allow Our Team’s Experience To Protect Your Best Interests

To request a consultation or learn more about how we can help you through a complex legal matter, please contact our Atlanta office at 404-975-2345. You may also send an email through our website and expect a prompt response from our team.