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The Importance of Whistleblowers for Civil Fraud Recoveries

The federal government spends trillions of dollars each year. The money is spent on a plethora of different programs administered and distributed through hundreds of different federal and state agencies. Acts of fraud committed against these government programs, both large and small, are nothing new. Governments do not like to have precious money and resources lost due to fraud and abuse, but the limited government resources committed to fighting fraud and abuse has done little to solve the problem. There are individuals who have made a significant impact on recouping some of these lost resources – whistleblowers. The whistleblowers’ impact of fighting fraud and abuse has been growing. Today, we consider how important whistleblowers can be. 

Acting as a Whistleblower 

Today’s whistleblower is a unique individual who provides a unique service. Whistleblowers discover and report acts of fraud and abuse throughout both industry and government and bring it to our attention. Governments recognize the value of whistleblowers on the state and national levels. On the federal level, numerous government agencies offer a variety of programs with financial incentives to whistleblowers to uncover fraud and abuse. In the United States, whistleblower laws are intended to encourage whistleblowers in their role of uncovering fraud and helping victims of fraud at all levels recover their losses. 

Your Whistleblower Report

whistleblower report

For the whistleblower, it’s essential to report suspected cases of fraud and abuse under applicable laws to receive financial rewards at the successful conclusion of the process. The False Claims Act, a federal whistleblower law, provides for individuals to file actions on the government’s behalf to recover government money acquired by fraud or abuse. Actions taken under the act are known as qui tam actions. Whistleblowers who initiate these actions are referred to as “relators” under the law. The False Claims Act provides strong financial incentives to prospective whistleblowers. A whistleblower can receive from 15 to 30 percent of the amount recovered for the government if the case is successful.

Whistleblower Protection Available

Both the federal and state governments have passed laws providing whistleblower protection. On the federal level, the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 (updated and revised in 2012) protects federal employees from retaliation for reporting government waste, fraud, and other illegal activities. State laws providing whistleblower protections vary significantly. Such laws provide basic protection from discrimination or retaliation against whistleblowers. Despite these legal protections, many potential whistleblowers are still understandably reluctant to come forward with their information due to fears of subtle retaliation that can adversely affect their livelihood. 

U.S. Whistleblower Law Firm

In the U.S. whistleblower protection laws provide the cornerstone of protection for the government’s biggest and best weapon in the fight against fraud and abuse. Whistleblower protections are of utmost importance to anyone aware of potentially illegal activity looking to report it. If you are aware of such misconduct or illegal activity, knowing how, when, and what to report are essential to protecting your identity and getting the whistleblower rewards you deserve. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Evangelista Worley LLC specializes in the areas of reporting fraud and whistleblowing. 

In addition to decades of combined experience dealing in these areas, our staff also has extensive experience with international law and contingency litigation law. Let our team of legal experts review the plethora of factors that need to be reviewed to ensure your rights are protected and whistleblower rewards are obtained under the applicable statutes. We don’t shy away from complex cases – they’re our specialty. Call us at (404) 205-8400 today for a free consultation.

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