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Holding Banks And Financial Institutions Accountable

Consumers rely on financial institutions to act fairly at all times. Whether customers obtain loans or engage in other financial transactions like the purchase of investments, they expect their bank or lender to follow federal and state laws that prohibit fraud and unfair, deceptive or illegal practices. When financial institutions fail to comply with the law, these actions can have costly consequences for individuals and business owners.

A class action lawsuit can hold parties to account for their fraudulent, predatory, deceptive and negligent practices. From our firm’s Atlanta office, our attorneys at Evangelista Worley, LLC have moved aggressively to protect consumers’ rights across the country in bank and financial institution class actions.

Led by Jim Evangelista, our team has served as appointed lead, liaison and class co-counsel in challenging matters. For example, In Schulte v. Fifth Third Bank, 09-CV-06655-RMD (N.D. Ill), we helped secure a $9.5 million settlement on behalf of consumers for alleged improper bank overdraft charges.

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Advocating For Those Harmed By Deceptive Fees

Fees are a reliable source of income for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. Unfortunately, those who can least afford these charges are the ones who usually pay for them. Our lawyers are qualified to assess whether financial institutions have engaged in unlawful fee-related practices on a large scale.

They have the knowledge and financial means to represent clients in cases involving deceptive fee practices that include:

  • Charging improper overdraft fees
  • Charging hidden fees
  • Charging excessive fees

Examples of just a few of our deceptive bank fee class action cases include:

  • Schulte v. Fifth Third Bank, 09-CV-06655-RMD (N.D. Ill) ($9.5 million settlement in consumer fraud class action alleging improper bank overdraft charges).
  • Glass v. Delta Community Credit Union, No. 2019CV317322 (Sup. Ct, Ga.) (liaison counsel to consumer class alleging credit union charged improper overdraft fees resulting in $3 million settlement.)

This list is not exhaustive. Share your concerns with us online or over the phone at 404-975-2345 to discover whether you have a case.

Representing Victims Of Predatory And Discriminatory Lending

Subprime lenders and payday loan operators are not the only parties that engage in predatory or discriminatory lending practices. Nationally recognized commercial banks have also been fined for violating federal laws and regulations.

We have the legal and financial means to represent clients in cases involving unlawful mortgage and refinancing practices that include:

  • Assessing high lending rates
  • Including hidden or high fees
  • Adding lending terms that reduce the borrower’s ability to generate equity in the home
  • Promoting subprime loans to customers who qualify for loans with better terms
  • Assessing a home at a lower rate due to race

Our attorneys share decades of experience with diverse, complex financial concerns in state and federal courts. They leverage this insight when tailoring a legal strategy that gets results.

Cryptocurrency Class Actions

Limited regulation in the cryptocurrency space has benefited founders of crypto exchanges and digital token issuers to the detriment of investors. Indeed, the failure to adequately secure customer accounts, timely respond to theft and security breaches and failure to prevent security breaches in the first place have cost many holders of crypto currency dearly – often to the tune of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of account value.  For example, we currently represent numerous clients harmed by Coinbase’s massive failures to protect its own account holders. Our attorneys stand ready to hold responsible parties accountable for negligent and unlawful practices that fail to protect crypto currency account holders and to pursue cryptocurrency class action lawsuits around the country.

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