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Diligent Representation In Consumer Product Class Actions

Consumers can use the law to hold manufacturers, retailers and other entities accountable for deceptive advertising practices, mislabeling or failure to honor the terms of a warranty. Taking action as an individual against a large corporation is often not economically feasible, however. When the affected consumers bring a class action lawsuit, though, the class’s size can improve the odds of securing a favorable result for everyone. It can also leverage the business risk of large-scale losses to bad actor companies by requiring them to stop their practices and compensate their victims.

Consumers across the country have relied on attorneys at Atlanta’s Evangelista Worley, LLC to assert their interests after they have been wronged by industry-leading companies. Our lawyers have diligently represented plaintiffs in various capacities, serving as lead, co-lead and liaison class counsel as well as local counsel to other law firms in high-profile cases. They have the acumen, resources and drive to litigate complex cases and win.

Deceptive Advertising And Mislabeling Class Actions

When marketers exaggerate the benefits of a product and understate the risks associated with it, their unethical practices can cause physical or financial harm. Our attorneys are equipped to investigate claims of deceptive advertising or mislabeling and can tailor a persuasive argument supporting our clients’ interests.

They are qualified to handle cases involving:

  • Supplements
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Snack foods, cereals, produce and animal products
  • Energy drinks and soft drinks

Misleading labels, false statements and hidden fees are just a few of the unlawful tactics that advertisers use to pad their profits. We regularly expose these practices and obtain compensation for the damage inflicted on our clients.

Breach Of Warranty Class Actions

Manufacturers and sellers do not make it easy for consumers to enforce the terms of their warranty. A warranty’s contents are often intentionally vague. Replacing or repairing a defective product may be overly complex, or the company may refuse to honor its warranty. When these practices breach a promise made to consumers, our attorneys at Evangelista Law Group, LLC can seek recourse.

They represent plaintiffs affected by defective written and implied warranties provided for products that include:

  • Consumer products
  • Home construction products
  • Automobiles and parts
  • Home appliances
  • Tools
  • Electronic devices

Having defended consumers’ rights for decades, our attorneys have built a strong network of area experts qualified to examine claims and establish liability. Please follow this link to read about our attorneys’ record of success in consumer class action cases.

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