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Protecting Consumers Affected By Unfair Business Practices

Consumers fuel the economy, but consumer rights are, nevertheless, often compromised by for-profit companies. When many consumers experience the same violation of their rights, they may be able to join together as a class to pursue justice and compensation in a class action suit.

Class actions begin with one person or a small group of people on behalf of a class of people who have experienced similar unfair business practices. These claims are one of the only remedies available to consumers who have been mistreated by businesses.

At Evangelista Worley, LLC, our attorneys have been protecting consumers’ rights in consumer services class action litigation for decades. Our experienced plaintiff’s lawyers are respected by colleagues, courts and regulatory agencies. They have served as co-lead counsel and recovered millions of dollars for consumers in matters including:

  • Glass v. Delta Community Credit Union, No. 2019CV317322 (Sup. Ct, Ga.)
  • Eaves, et al. v. Earthlink, Case No. 05-CV-97274 (GA Superior, Fulton Cty)
  • Schulte v. Fifth Third Bank, 09-CV-06655-RMD (N.D. Ill.)

Our team represents classes in a wide variety of consumer services claims, including those surrounding:

  • Predatory lending
  • False advertising and misrepresentation
  • Mortgage foreclosure and servicing
  • Bank fees
  • Eviction fees
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act violations

To discuss your rights as a consumer or learn more about our lawyers’ experience in class action litigation, please contact us by calling 404-975-2345.