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Consumer Class Action Litigation

“The court finds that lead counsel have prosecuted the case vigorously and in the best interests of the settlement class. This settlement reflects an outstanding result for the class in a case with a high level of risk….”
– Honorable Thomas W. Thrash, In Re: The Home Depot, Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, No. 1-14-md-02583 (Aug. 23, 2016, N.D. GA).

Many claims that an individual consumer or an investor may have against a company involving its business practices, services or products are likely similar to claims others may have. This is because bad business processes and defective products tend to affect customers similarly. But often, a lawsuit is far too costly to bring on an individual basis to stop a wrongful business practice or improve a bad product when the individual case involves a relatively small amount of money.

Class actions enable a single lawsuit to be brought by just one plaintiff on behalf of many individuals with similar claims. This pooling of similar claims makes litigation on behalf of all of them economically feasible, particularly when each claim involves only small damages. More importantly, it helps equalize the playing field of individuals seeking to stop wrongful or unfair business practices or obtain compensation for shoddy products against companies that have financial resources to defend their bad behavior (because it is often profitable).

Examples of just a few types of class action cases include:

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