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Pursuing Justice As A Whistleblower

Making the choice to report your employer’s unlawful practices can be a stressful, overwhelming experience. Even though you may be confident that you are doing the right thing, it can be hard to overcome fears of workplace retaliation or wrongful termination. Learn about qui tam claims and what our team at Evangelista Law Group, LLC can do to minimize your stress as you take steps to right these wrongs.

Qui Tam Actions Benefits And Protections

Successful qui tam cases reward whistleblowers for taking a stand against companies that have defrauded the government. If you believe that a company has submitted false claims to state or federal government agencies, then you could receive a substantial portion of the money recovered at the conclusion of your case. As a whistleblower, you are protected from workplace retaliation when you file a qui tam claim in good faith.

How We Can Help

Whistleblowers across the country turn to us when they are struggling with high-stakes false claims/qui tam cases. Our experienced fraud litigators work closely with our clients, crafting persuasive legal arguments that prevail.

When you choose to work with us, we will move swiftly to protect your evidence, showcase the unlawful practices documented and expedite the legal process. It is our goal that you receive the recovery you deserve as promptly as possible so that you can put this matter behind you.

Common Questions About Qui Tam Actions

Making wise choices can be difficult if you are not familiar with whistleblower laws and the protections they offer. Please read through our answers to questions we regularly hear during our consultations.

How Do I Know If I Qualify To File A Case?

Anyone or any business can file a fraud claim under the False Claims Act. You do not have to be employed by the entity or personally affected by fraud to take action.

Will My Employer Know That I’ve Filed A Case?

Qui tam actions are initially filed under seal and are not public until the government decides whether to intervene in the case. The length of time your name may be concealed depends on many different factors. It is critical to speak with a lawyer who has experience in this legal field.

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